What common decoration does a mall kiosk have?

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When it comes to kiosks, we are all familiar with them. They have many kinds, sizes,shapes and colors. Different industries can make kiosks to sell their products in malls. The style of the kiosk can be designed according to the owner’s idea. The size of the kiosk depends on how the mall manager assigns it. But we can design the shape, color and decoration of the kiosk. The most common kiosks in the mall are food kiosks, jewelry kiosks, cellphone kiosks, eyebrow threading kiosks and nail kiosks etc.So, with so many different kinds of kiosks, do you know what they have in common? That is decoration. Now i want to show you what the decoration of kiosk is.

Light logo

Almost every business with a logo adds a logo to their kiosks. Light logo can not only make the trademark more prominent, it can be used as an ornament to decorate the kiosk. Light logos also come in many forms. One is hollow logo and other one is light box logo.Hollow logo will insert the logo into a kiosk. Light box logo is generally for some circular logo. Make the logo into a round box and add a light band inside.

3D Light letters

Light letters are for people who don’t have logo. You can choose your own text content, whether it’s a slogan or a product name. It also allows customers to see what you’re selling. Or what’s the appeal of your product. Its function is similar to the light logo

Light box poster

This is the decoration of almost every kiosks. It is very useful. The content of a poster can be a menu or a promotional map.Usually for the food or beauty kiosks, the light box drawing menu is often used. Cellphones or jewelry kiosks are often promotional images. It is more decorative than the light logo, because the light box poster occupies more space. We can also see large light box paintings in shopping malls or subways. The display effect is very good.

Product Model

Although this kind is relatively rare, but adornment effect is very good.If you sell bubble tea , you can make a milk tea model and put it in the kiosk. Bubble tea cups are cute and attractive. It can make your kiosk look different. It looks more professional. In general, product model is more common in food kiosk. Especially milk tea, because this have special model. If you sell jewelry, it is difficult to make the model. So the model only fits a few kiosks.

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