Top 5 tips to start a shoe store

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Nowadays. Start a store in shopping mall or street is very hot sale business ideas. More and more business choose Start your own business by running a shoe store. Do you know the reason?

The advantages of the shoe store.

  1. Low cost and high profit. 
  2. A wide range of consumer groups. 
  3. Convenient to operate.

If you are interested to start your own shoe store business, it’s necessary to see theses tips.

Make a plan

Before you start this shoe store. It’s very necessary to do some preparatory work. Such as Market research, field trips, visit successful business cases. Target consumer groups and the size of the entire store, as well as the service model.Make a rough budget. This is conducive to your late store development and practical operation.

location choose.

A good location choice is an important factor of whether the whole store is profitable or not, which is why we choose the commercial block with convenient transportation and dense flow of people to carry out business. If you master the consumer group, you will be half successful.

Shoe store interior decoration and design.

Whole store layout and interior decoration also is very important. Comfortable and simple design can always attract more guests’ eyes.

  1. Interior wall and ceiling decoration.
  2. Furniture style and color.
  3. Material choose.
  4. Poster and light box.
  5. Lights.
shoe store

Marketing strategy.

A good sales ideas can help you bring more client. Can be appropriate to do some promotional activities, handling VIP services. Set a ladder discount,The more you sell, the bigger the discount.

Good pre-sales and after-sales service.

  • Employees conduct service training before taking up their posts. Ensure a good shopping experience for each guest.
  • Create a guest feedback box, Keep abreast of your inadequacies and improve.
  • Set the warranty period for your shoes. Quality problems arising during the warranty period are handled and replaced in a timely manner.

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