What are the requirements for the design of jewelry display cabinets in shopping malls?

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Jewelry display cabinet is very eye-catching in the mall, jewelry display cabinet production is very exquisite, not only to design unique, but also to coordinate with the environment around the mall, so how to design collocation. Jewelry stores are usually upscale places, and people who buy jewelry have higher requirements on aesthetics and grade. Accordingly, gem exhibits ark to have taller requirement when the design exhibits ark.

What are the requirements for the design of jewelry display cabinets in shopping malls?


Above all, only look from exhibit ark, must let exhibit ark accord with modern pair of vogue and high-grade definition, this is to let exhibit ark accord with store of this kind of high-grade place of jewelry. Otherwise, the display case that the place designs will come out and jewelley shop antipathetic.

The layout of market exhibit ark should size phase line, on any account phase is connected, strewn at random have send. If ark of ark of one side market exhibition is little already small, can use miniascape, decoration adornment will achieve balance result. Fluctuation is too big market shows ark combination, cause messy sense easily again. So, do not put the low market such as ark of ark of cabinet, short ark to exhibit ark to be next to door closely, lest produce lopsided feeling.

In addition, in the jewelry store design, the jewelry display cabinet is not independent, the jewelry sold by the jewelry store is displayed in the exhibition cabinet. Exhibit ark can produce very big effect to gem show an effect. Therefore, another important requirement for the appearance of jewelry exhibition cabinet factory is that it can foil the jewelry and make the jewelry look more exquisite.

On integral modelling of market display ark, the advocate characteristic that asks every market display ark and craft process are consistent. In ark of a market show, cannot have a plenty of square column, have circle, can appear otherwise very inharmonious. At the same time, the mall display cabinet details of the same requirements. With makings do the work on, emphasize consistency. When choosing bazaar to exhibit ark after decorating a completion, divide the collocation that considers bazaar to exhibit ark and decorate an effect, consider the position that bazaar exhibits ark to put even.

Booth design should be done from the perspective of the target audience. It is mainly the purpose, emotion, interest, opinion, reaction and other factors of the target audience. Design from the perspective of the target audience can easily attract the attention and resonance of the target audience and leave a deep impression on the target audience. In the design process of jewelry exhibition cabinets, regional factors must be taken into account. They mainly refer to the shape and size of the exhibition cabinets and how to arrange positions among various parts. The initial perception of these features is the primary factor that should be taken into account in the design process of exhibition cabinets. For example: jewelry display cabinet should show the advantage of jewelry as far as possible when showing, let consumer have the desire that wants to buy.

Of course, regional factors also include the compatibility between the jewelry display cabinet and the display position, as well as the coordination between the color of the display cabinet and the products, the placement position, lighting and other aspects. This is consistent with the concept of color science, to help make the collocation of various colors more harmonious, and to product positioning, to determine to give users the visual sense is solemn.

In line with the above design points to help you design a unique and beautiful jewelry display cabinet.

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