3 practical tips for Jewelry Store Interior Design

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Jewelry store design is looking for luxury, dignitary, dazzling, gorgeous, with a sense of fashion trend, the most important is to let people feel endowed with characteristics, personalized role.

Firstly , Jewelry shop front design.

Jewelry store shop front design is appropriate and important. Whether the shop front design is attractive or not plays a very important role in the visual impact and psychological impact of consumers. A good shop front design can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also lead customers to expand sales and play the first role.

Three Key Points of Jewelry Store Decoration Design

Secondly, jewelry shop outdoor design

Jewelry shop outdoor design refers to the shop front and surrounding all decoration design. Such as billboards, neon lights, light boxes, electronic flash advertising, posters, leaflets advertising, living advertising, shop signs and so on. Jewelry stores want to achieve good economic benefits, fully reflect the quality of its noble, the first outdoor design must be elegant decoration, by contrast, if the design decoration is plain or old expired appearance, itself is a kind of rejection of people in the sense of consumption. So, we should notice the outdoor design of jewelry store.

Thirdly, interior design of jewelry store

Jewelry shop window design is an important one, it not only appearance part of all the decoration, and is the first exhibition hall, shops sell products, it is our will operate with clever set, props, scenery pictures to decorate to foil, with suitable lighting, color and text, is for product introduction and promotion of comprehensive advertising art form. The design of showcase, want the characteristic of outstanding product above all, can make showcase settle down and product introduction accord with the general state of mind behavior of consumer together again, after letting consumer see namely aesthetic feeling, comfortable feeling, have good impression and yearning mood to the product. A good window setting can not only introduce products, teach consumption and promote sales, but also become an art masterpiece that attracts passersby in front of the shop.

Jewelry store space design should not be too crowded, jewelry display cabinet layout is necessary and reasonable, to create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers. The lighting design of jewelry stores is also very important. Different lighting levels can vary the levels and the main body of jewelry stores. The characteristics of jewelry itself have extremely high requirements on the light source.

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