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This is a very popular and modern mobile phone kiosk, Up to now, we have produced more than 20 sets of this type of mobile phone kiosk. it exports to Au, USA, Canada, Uk. this one is we made in October 2018. it’s export to Vancouver port.

Detail introduce:

As you see the whole phone kiosk mainly tone is white, match a little black, very modern and high-end. The whole kiosk is the 11ft length, 6ft width, the basic material is MDF, the surface is baking painting finished.

We can see the kiosk all around is glass display showcase with wooden shelves. at the corner is Aluminum groove plate display stand. a small cashier counter. light box and acrylic hollow out light logo. looks very nice and exquisite.

3d images to show

Some real production photo

For the most all mall kiosk, there will have a electricity box to control source, at the whole kiosk inside with do some cabinet for storage. in order to make whole kiosk more attractive. we wil add some led light strip at the kiosk bottom. do you like it?

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a mobile phone kiosk like this one, please contact us for free!

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