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This B21 hairdressing kiosk is a very famous Chain brand In Canada, it mainly for hair salon service. it’s produced in Jan 2017.

More introduce

Size: 12X14ft.

Material: MDF, acrylic, stainless steel.

Accessories: light box, TV, sticker, acrylic backlit logo, led light.

Price: $9400 (100% customize and high-quality).

As you see the hairdressing kiosk, the front part is a “U” shape roof. with purple color strip decoration, inside is hidden led light strip. the right sides is a menu lightbox. a big bar counter with three hairdressing seats. with mirror, Induction lights and beauty lamp. the back sides are some glass display showcase. at the left sides is a waiting bench and cashier counter.

On the whole kiosk surface with purple sticker and brand name, match some white led light strip, looks very attractive and exquisite.

Some real production photos

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to start your hair salon business or more related info, please contact us here!

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