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Because of the different ingredients added to chocolate in the manufacturing process, it also creates its changeable face. The types pure fat Chocolate on the market can be divide into Dark Chocolate; Milk Chocolate; White chocolate.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a favorite among those who like to taste “original chocolate.” Because it contains little or no milk, it is usually low in sugar. The aroma of cocoa is not mask by other tastes, and after melting in the mouth, the aroma of cocoa will flow through the teeth for a long time. Some people even believe that eating dark chocolate is eating real chocolate. Usually, high-end chocolate is dark chocolate, with a pure cocoa taste. Because cocoa itself is not sweet, and even a little bitter, so dark chocolate is less popular. Consumption of Dark chocolate can increase the body’s antioxidant levels, which is conducive to the prevention of Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia (Cardiovascular disease).


White chocolate

White chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa powder, only cocoa butter and milk, so white. This kind of chocolate only cocoa aroma, taste and general chocolate is different. Others don’t classify it as chocolate (perhaps it should be called milk magic). Because the cocoa content is less, the sugar content is higher, so the taste of white chocolate is very sweet.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is based on dark chocolate to add a certain amount of milk ingredients, taste very good, popular with people; Milk chocolate has long been love by consumers for its balanced taste and is the world’s most consumed type of chocolate product. The earliest formula for milk chocolate was invented by the Swiss. Belgium and the UK are also major producers of milk chocolate.

They often use a milk powder blend process, which has a cheeselike flavor. Compared to pure dark chocolate, milk chocolate has a lighter, sweeter cocoa flavor and no longer has a greasy texture. A good milk chocolate product should be a perfect balance between the aroma of cocoa and milk, similar to the delicate relationship between two lovers who are both attach and independent.

Eating milk chocolate helps boost brain function, especially helping the brain focus.

Milk chocolate contains many substances that can play a stimulating role, such as theobromine, phenylethyl and caffeine, which can enhance brain vitality, make people more alert and enhance attention.

Coloured chocolate

Color chocolate is white chocolate as the base material, adding food coloring (natural color or synthetic color), through a series of processes such as ingredients, fine grinding, temperature control, casting molding, etc. It is widely use in puffing food chocolate coating, cold drink chocolate coating, fancy chocolate and so on.

Chocolate with no milk or other ingredients at all and a single source of cocoa refers to chocolate produced using only cocoa beans grown in a specific region or country.


Protein chocolate

Protein chocolate is make of cocoa products, plant protein and other raw materials, through mixing, emulsification and other processes, which has both cocoa nutritional value and plant protein nutritional value, low calorie, high protein content, which can bring more benefits to various consumers.

Other chocolate

In addition to the composition of different, depending on the addition of different, chocolate has become a variety of forms. According to the United States USDA classification, Solid chocolate is not mix with nuts, biscuits and other ingredients. Such as lindt, coffee envoy, flake and block mostly. Solid chocolate with inclusions (Solid chocolate with inclusions) refers to chocolate mixed with fine crushed nuts, soft gum, milk, biscuits and other ingredients, such as Swiss Toblerone chocolate.

Filled chocolate

In addition to solid chocolate, there is also so-called stuf chocolate: a chocolate coate with Enrobedor Mouded Products with Cand, Fruit, or Nut Center. For example, there are single chocolate, SNICKERS, m&m, 77milk and chocolate packaged in the counter on the market.

This kind of chocolate pays attention to the fine smooth chocolate, there is another kind of chewing pleasure. At the same time, due to the relationship between the contents, the taste of the kernel will neutralize the sweetness of the chocolate. There are also chocolates with Enrobedor Mould Products with Bakery Centers, such as golden sa, Twix, etc. The crispness of the cookies contrasts with the smooth chocolate. Heart chocolate (a variety of alcoholic drinks in the chocolate) is also a kind of filled chocolate, the more popular are rum, vodka, XO, Kirsch filled. Gently bitten, the flowing wine combined with the slow-melting chocolate, the aroma of the mouth and the crisp feeling of the kernel is very different.

Chocolate taste

The grade of the chocolate is know at the moment of entrance. Good chocolate not only smells sweet, but also has a delicate and charming taste. There is a crisp sound when you bite, and then it melts gently in your mouth. The taste is smooth and the cocoa aroma flows through the teeth, but there is no residue left. When tasting chocolate, don’t just bite it down or swallow it in one gulp. In order to make everyone have a different taste, the content added to chocolate is very mysterious, and you will find another fun world.

Marys Chocolate

marys single chocolate has a cherry flavor, which contains the whole cherry (even the stem is remove), and tastes like the cherry coate with chocolate sauce, fruit and chocolate flavor. There are also some chocolate products with more content, which appeal to diverse taste: the first section of crushed fruit is chewy; The second biscuit is crisp; The third piece of chocolate sauce is sweet; The fourth section of whole hazel fruit is crisp and delicious. Swiss Toblerone also has three flavors: the first bite is crisp; The second paragraph allows the chocolate to melt and the fragrance to overflow; The rest of the fruit and caramel make you have fun to chew. Chocolate bars containing milk or soft sugar combine the softness of chocolate, nuts and caramel.

Dried fruit chocolate

This type of chocolate is made by wrapping some chocolate in dried fruit. Dove has introduced a “almond” chocolate.

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