Three Mainstream Design Styles of Cosmetic Showcase

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Cosmetic display cabinets are often set in conspicuous places in any market, such as the first floor of the shopping mall, where there is a lot of traffic, etc., because the products on the exhibition stand belong to skin care and beauty products, and the pursuit of beauty is the best product description of attracting traffic, so the design of cosmetic display cabinets is often very satisfied, cosmetic display cabinets are issued in the industry. The exhibition has gradually formed three main mainstream styles, getting rid of the early simple display function cosmetics booth.

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Cosmetics display cabinet & showcase design

Cosmetics display cabinet design is a gorgeous style of exhibition cabinet design, as the flow of cosmetics cabinet brought about by the merchants, cosmetics merchandise is a beautiful symbol at the same time is the reformer of the years, for customers with a unique charm, cosmetics display cabinet design style development has formed three main mainstream design styles, nine round square exhibition cabinet on these three. A brief description of each style is given.

cosmetic kiosk in mall

Minimalist & modern Cosmetics store display

Minimalism is a modern theory of furniture design, but also transformed into the field of commercial cosmetics display. Minimalist design style emphasizes that the design of cosmetics display cabinet is “less is more”. Through concise and concise design forms and color matching, it strongly displays the diversity of commodities, and emphasizes concise and smooth lines of cosmetics display cabinet, such as Chanel cosmetics display cabinet. Design starts from “simplicity”, but the design process is extremely challenging.

Mainstream Cosmetics kiosk in mall

There are two meanings of tracing back to the origin. One is to start from the characteristics of commodities and customer needs. Cosmetics represent beauty and creation for consumers. At the same time, consumers have a certain subconscious about the human crisis evolved by the environmental crisis. Therefore, the design of cosmetics display cabinet begins to pursue green environmental protection and beautification. How to express this concept should be returned to us. Go back to nature.

Local Retro-antiquity Design of Cosmetic cabinet

The design of local retro cosmetics display cabinet is a very imaginative way. The mainstream of local retro design refers to the method of adding local culture to the design according to the consumption area and the consumer group where the commodity is located and taking the retro excellent architecture and totem design as reference, such as the Middle Ages, the Roman Age, the Chinese Palace, etc. At the same time, the two cultures can be merged into one. Together to show a stronger sense of experience.

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