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More and more people especially young people purse the fashion. The hairstyle can affect their temperature and beauty of appearance, so they also pay attention to the hairstyle. Therefore, the barber shops become the consuming place in the life. The shops also realized that the importance of decorating the barber shop. But when decorating the barber, what matters should we need to attention? What kind barber styles are popular? As the owner of the barber shop, we need to think about many factors. Next, I will show you the points on the decorating the barber shop.

Pay attention to environment atmosphere

Using the changing lighting to change the interior light design. In this way, the tone of the atmosphere can be different according to the lighting changing. Besides, to modify the decoration surface for a small range of local place. The advance of modification is to remove the some original interior design where is not reasonable. Then add some several main concept vision attractive pints to promote the barber shop to increase affinity, warm feeling, atmosphere and improve customer comfort. The barber shops can take good use of some skills to show and highlight the individuality and also make it not out in a short time. As we all know, the white is the most popular in the color combination, so the barber shop can use white as main tone with some other colors together. When the colors match well, the shop will be different and not boring.

Pay attention to facade design

The barber shop facade design can reflect the shop image directly. The facade design is also the main core. So you need to deal with well the facade logo or other letters, colors design combination. Furthermore, the facade also need to show the shop relevant features. Nowadays, many modern hair salons use the poly crystalline glass, stainless steel, blister words to reflect its professional and fashion; Be eye-catching in your design.

Pay attention to color matching

About the hair salon interior design, the color matching also have some points. Normally, the hair salon use the cool tone to show the shop clean and neat. But it also is with a little warm tone together. The whole salon effect will be better and attract more customers easily.

Pay attention to the decoration

If the customers in the shop only see one place for a long time, they will feel boring and tired. At this time, the small decorative item is necessary. You can put some interesting or different decorations on the shelves sometimes, then some regular people see this small changes about the new things, they will feel surprises. For example, take the byobu and partition wall combine together. Then put some salon activities pictures or customers messages on it. The area with lighting shining can be as the exhibition and decoration area.

Style 1: Modern style

During the hair salon decoration, the modern style is the most popular and the most times when people use it. The modern style shows fashion and trends. In addition, it takes good use of combining the durable feature and beauty feature together to divide the good layout well. A comfortable environment can attract customers to come into the shop for a try. Then the hair salon business can be better and better and the boss can run it well.

We can see this one modern style of barber shop. Its main tone is white and just with a little dark color to decorate some places. Two sides are the hairstyle services area and every side mirrors are different. The ceiling has the lamps for each seat and spotlights in ceiling middle. The main lamps can reflect the best effect from the mirrors. The customers can feel they are beautiful or handsome with lights. One short sofa is put at the shop end for other people rest or wait if the shop business is hot. The sofa back side has the display cabinet. The display shelves is also on the corner pillars to take its best usage. The right corner has one poster decoration.

decorating the barber shop 1

Style 2: Rural style

The rural style means the hair salon whole decoration style design is to divide the areas and color choices, and surface decoration which is prefer to rural style. But this rural style is not like in the old and out-fashion village. It should show fresh new, and close to natural and yearning for freedom atmosphere to people. The customers can be deeply attracted by the decoration of the salon at the first sight, so that customers can enjoy the service of the salon, but also completely in a relaxed state, as if in nature.

This one hair salon is very bright and fresh new. The door and window frame of the shop is green. People can see inside environment from the transparent glasses door and window. The reception desk is wooden. The green plants are on the desk and decorates the desk. Its whole wall is decorated with the stickers with flowers patterns. Other places of the wall can have some natural flowers and green plants decoration too. The counter and the floor of the salon is also wooden.

decorating the barber shop 2

Style 3: Japanese-style

Japanese-style barber shop decoration is generally with a wood color or beige based. Many young people like the Japanese-style at present. They can have their own favorite style of the barber shop. When customer enjoy the services in the shop with the musics, they will be very relaxed. Japanese-style hair salon design generally uses natural and simple materials from the top to the floor, mostly logs, mats, bamboos, etc. While maintain primary color as far as possible without modification. Here is the relevant style to let you know better.

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