7 Tips for the toy shop decoration design

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With the development of The Times, there are more and more toy shops on the market. Toys can release children’s nature and bring happiness to children. Now many parents will buy a lot of toys for their children. One is to let children have a happy childhood, the second is that toys can puzzle, let children develop intelligence. The toy industry business is getting better and better, and good decoration can enhance the attractiveness of the store, so today we will look at what attractive children’s toy store decoration needs to pay attention to.

1. Themes

No matter what toy shop, the decoration should highlight the theme, according to the theme of the toy shop interior decoration, the only way to make the theme become indoor characteristics is a good way to choose toy shop decoration. In addition, it can create a theme image, which is easier to bring profound feelings to consumers. For example, in children’s toys, designers can create a forest paradise, fluffy cotton animals in the tree climbing, lying, leaning, very lively and lovely, characteristics will attract children’s attention.

2. Trend

Toy store toys to keep up with the trend, so as to bring more customers, can be based on the best-selling toys in the store, adjust the layout structure of the toy store irregularly, can be based on the best-selling toys to change the theme of the toy store, to give consumers a strong impression.  

3. Brand  

Brand products can be used to strengthen customer impression, such as doraemon, Hellokitty and other patterns as the theme, repeated application in the decoration process, in order to deepen customer memory.

4. Color  

Toy store decoration design color to give priority to with lively, through the use of color reflects the shop characteristics, colour can affect the person’s mood, the other on the choice of color, also can consider to decorate color coordination and toys collocation, only will change color, to create own storefront characteristic, also need to consider the color soft lamplight, such ability more rich emotional appeal.  

5. Sense of security  

The main purpose of toy shops is to give children a sense of security, which can be reflected from several aspects.  First of all, toy shop design can not have too many dead corners, to be concise, clean. Secondly, toy store decoration can create the style of the store according to the characteristics of the target crowd. It can create an atmosphere in line with children’s psychology, preferences and habits through decoration, and match some lively and lovely patterns, mainly with cartoon patterns.

6. Flooring   

To the choice of the floor had better be to choose cork floor, can avoid children to cause harm so, also can bring unnecessary trouble to oneself. The display of goods in toy stores should not be too sharp to eliminate some unsafe factors.  

7. Layout  

Toy store decoration layout should be reasonable, some more popular toys can be placed in a more conspicuous, children can touch the place. In order to enable consumers to browse the entire toy store, the line must be able to allow consumers to turn every corner of the store, toy store decoration design should be cyclical.

Children’s toy shop decoration should pay attention to the safety problem, children are naturally active. When they come to toy shop will run and jump slapstick, and it is easy to be injured. Maybe one of them will knock over the toy rack and hurt himself. So the toy display cases of the toy store are best embedded in the wall decoration, not the kind of easily moved. Next, the store had better not install particularly sharp articles, table corners, corners should be sleek, to avoid children injured.

The overall style of the toy store is suggested to be dominated by cute cartoon themes. From the Angle that children like, we build a second yuan world and make the store full of children’s fun. Tonal aspects should be consistent with the store decoration style, and cartoon theme a line. Use bright color contrast, avoid using all black and white, otherwise it will give the child a sense of oppression. Let toy shop decoration style design to create a naive fairy tale world for children.

A professional and reasonable layout is a big way to increase revenue. When decorating children’s toy stores, we can especially plan out a popular toy area, place this area in a place where adults and children can see it at a glance, and go to this area habitually after entering the store. You can also put a large toy in the pride of place in a toy store that can be changed according to contemporary trends, but must be a cartoon character that children love.

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