some tips on how to design a hair salon store

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Modern people pay more and more attention to their own image. And more and more demand for beauty salons and
hair salons. So more store decoration design and related services are becoming more and more important.
How much do you know about the decoration design style of hair salon? A perfect and humanized design can not only attract the people to come in for comsume but also make them become the loyal old customers or VIP customer.
Here are some tips on how to design a hair salon store so that attract more people.

hair salon Store signboard

The signboard is the face that directly reflects the image of the storefront. It is a billboard that highlights store management and store culture. When we design the signboard,we should pay attention to the color match. Here is the hair salon signboard we design recently. We take the these pictures for example:
Signboard color is red and white.Such colors can make people feel warm and intimate.
As it is a storefront that creates a female hairdressing image.So this color is more in line with female design.
Good logo pattern and store name can be refreshing and impressive,make us remember it easily.
Long hair female avatar and unique store name”future lady” responsively the theme of this hair salon.

hair salon store

create the ambience.

The atmosphere of the hair salon is very important and affects the customer’s experience.
The space needs to create a comfortable atmosphere. We can focus on the lighting design, space color matching
and show the culture and professional atmosphere of the store according to the decoration style.
Let customers accept and recognize the store’s business philosophy. At the same time draw out the operating items, prices,
so that customers can see at a glance. the style must be different from the other peers.

we can also decorate some famous star poster on the wall. Please look at the following pictures, the decoration color is pink,white,yellow ,green. It make the customers feel relax, comfortalbe, reliable and sense of security, What’s more, it lets the customer reduce nervous, and we easy to talk and retain customers. Delicate poster and gorgeous lights make the store high-end and fashion.

hair salon store

set up VIP reception room

The hair salon is a place where customers will spend a long time, so the customer’s experience time will become longer。
From entering the store to consulting to the haircut, the entire service needs at least one hour。So it is necessary to set up VIP reception room or rest area. Spacious and independent VIP reception,with sofa and table.the environment is quiet, elegant and soft light,Which Make customers feel service-oriented.

hair cutting store

hair cutting area

Hair cutting area should be set in an open area. The ground should be clean, bright, and easy to clean. Choose a beautiful and durable barber chair and mirror. The lights should be bright. A cabinet should be set up for each mirror table to facilitate the designer to store tools and guests to put water and other objects

hair salon store design

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