4 places can help you make your frozen yogurt shop more attractive

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Do you love frozen yogurt?I really love it very much.This week i have one UK customer just booked a new frozen yogurt kiosk.He do franchise,already opened many frozen yogurt kiosks and shops.People like yogurt, on the one hand because it is delicious, on the other hand because it is beneficial to health. It is rich in probiotics, which can help promote bowel movements and can help digestion. It is mainly composed of milk, rich in nutrition, and can provide nutrients beneficial to bone health. And its calorie can be lower than ordinary ice cream, so many girls like it.Now more and more frozen yogurt shop opened.How to attract customers and let people prefer your shop?The first eye people see will be your shop decoration, so take care of your shop design is very important.

well, what places can help make your yogurt shop more atractive?
Here 4 places may be can help:

1.fancy color match can catch people’s eyes
as we know ice cream and frozen yogurt always very fancy colors, and girls and children also like fancy colors.So frozen yogurt shop as usually will use different colors.Nice colors will makes whole shop looks very amazing.

2.take care of lights used
As we know lights plays an very important role.Yogurt shop as usually will also use very fancy different color lights.Different area can use different lights.

see this shop,the left sitting area used are round red and green color lights.The right side counter area did a ceiling with spot lights.

3.learn to use nice patterns for wall decoration
We all know that many food stores pay special attention to wall decoration. The reason is that the wall decoration can sometimes be the finishing touch. You can put product graphics, put cartoon characters, graffiti and so on. In the yogurt shop, you can put some tempting yogurt and fruit, or interesting murals. This can help attract customers.

4.Creative sitting area can make your shop more attractive
Sitting area also very important in a retail shop. If your sitting area very normal,will looks very plain.Now many shop started do different shapes and colors for tables and chairs.This will give people very amazing feeling.

See these above photos,their chairs and tables used very fancy colors and different shape,makes whole sitting area looks very nice.

The above are some my ideas about the frozen yogurt shop decoration,these places should can help make your frozen yogurt shop more attractive.If you also interested in opening a yogurt shop and don’t know the progress, just feel fre to contact us.We have profesisonal design team here,can help you create what you want!

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