Some special decorative design elements used for the kiosk

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No. 1: Tiles

Tiles are become famous in this few years for using on the kiosk design. Ceramic tile is one of our most commonly used decoration materials, is also one of the essential materials. It has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear-resistance, impermeable to water, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break.

The design of the food kiosk we can add some tiles on the walls for decoration. To add this tiles decorative element to make your kiosk more fashion and modern. But cannot be too much that will be perfect. See some sample pictures as following:

No. 2: plant ( grass & flower ) and rocks

Artificial plant can also add on the customize kiosk. It is an imitation of a real plant. It has the same appearance as a real plant because of its green, low carbon, environmentally friendly, recyclable. Its color is bright, the decoration has a strong aesthetic and ornamental, and the installation is very convenient, so the artificial plant quickly became one of the most popular decorative materials, and it is widely praised in decoration. It is a good decorative element to use for your kiosk.


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