Shipping Container Office

outdoor cargo shipping container modified office design and for sale

Are you looking for a sea shipping container office ? Unique is a leading outdoor display solution provider. We design and build high quality cargo container into a bright nice office for sale.  sea can office is a mobile office where you can moved by a truck.  We have 20 and 40 ft shipping container options for now , If you need a  large office, We can adapt several different size of containers in a particular way to achieve a wonderful office.

20 ft container office is 6 meter long in outside and 2.4 meter width. You can used as a small office  for one or two workers. If you need more work space you can choose for  40 ft container office. We also have 10 ft container office.  As a steel container office , it has a strong frame to hold thick clear glass and door , Which make the office clean and outstanding.

We accept customized ideas in container modification.  We can design and build the container office according to your requirement.


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