New design idea 40 ft outdoor container office decoration to Australia

Many people asks about outdoor container for their business. Most of them requires one to use as a food restaurant, however, this outdoor container suits for many business, such as retail shop, phone store, eyebrow service, etc. Today, I want to introduce a unique designed outdoor container office. Hope it gives new idea for your business.

3D designs about outdoor container office

outdoor container

We can see in the design, the container has roofs, floor, doors, etc. and it’s very safe used outside. There are office counters, display racks and seats inside the container. The whole container includes furniture, cables, ceiling light, sockets, locked cabinets and so on. Therefore, when you receive the container, you can use it directly. Now let’s view more details about the container.

container office

From the interior design, we can view the layout very clearly. There are full of wall stand for display our products and what we want to share to our staffs. We can also leave a bathroom for daily use. All the decoration and design based on our customers’ idea. Therefore, when you want to build such an outdoor container office, please tell us what you want first. We can draw a new design to show all the effort. Our main purpose is providing high quality products for better uses.

More information

We will choose the right material to production the container and note all the details in the design drawing. A new design based on special needs takes about 3-5 business days. And if you need modify it better, we can help you change somewhere right away. Once design confirmed, production takes about 40-45 business days. (If you need it urgently, please let us know in advance.) We should also leave enough time for shipping.  Whenever you are in need, please contact us soon. Thank you for reading

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