Salt Lake City eyebrow threading kiosk 10X12

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This eyebrow threading kiosk builds in June of last year. is export to
Salt Lake City in the USA. it cost one week to confirmed the design, build it in 25 work days.

eyebrow threading kiosk

As we can see the whole eyebrow threading kiosk is 10x12ft, no big, but inside have four eyebrow threading station, also have a cashier counter and sink station. it’s very unbelievable. you can notice each station is on the corner, It makes good use of the whole space. it’s very comfortable.

For the whole kiosk, basic material is MDF, the surface is white and black baking paint finished. each eyebrow stations with mirror and led light.bottom are wooden cabinet. at the whole kiosk surface with acrylic logo, price list poster, and lightbox showings.

eyebrow threading kiosk
eyebrow threading kiosk

The unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of salon furniture and eyebrow threading kiosk for more than ten years. hope this article kiosk info can give you some ideas for your salon business. more related information, please contact us here!

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