10X17ft sushi kiosk in Texas

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This is a sushi kiosk we have done in January of this year, it for one of Guest in Texas. you can see the whole kiosk is very modern and Creative. it’s very easy to attract more customer’s attention.

As we see the whole kiosk mainly tone is gray color, it can for selling sushi and beverage. the main material is E1 Plywood, the surface is solid wood surface finished, with white color countertop. at the front part is mainly for the sushi prep stand. at the corner is a small cashier counter. a left side is a cola machine, oven, and ice maker. on the back sides is some stainless steel sink. the next to is a coffee machine.

sushi kiosk

Here are some real production photos for your reference.

At the whole kiosk surface with many fish shape decoration, using
Silkscreen printing and luminous acrylic combination. looks very vivid. on the counter bottom is a round white led light. there have a “U” shape celling, match some ceiling lamp, it’s very exquisite.

sushi kiosk
sushi kiosk

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to start a food kiosk like this one, or other related info, please contact us here, welcome inquiry!

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    How much does it cost for this kiosk?

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