As a result of our concept change, now the beauty industry is growing in popularity. A lot of girl in order to become a more mature and beautiful woman, they will go to some beauty institution to change their external image. Such as eyebrow tattooing,lip tattooing or eyelashes extension. But now, the manicures is also the way for girl to become beautiful, it can improve your appearance. Many people take care of their hands, especially the young girls. The hand is a woman’s hand second face. They use hand cream to keep their hands from drying and cracking in the winter. About the nail, it’s one of the way to show the female charm.

Nail art can make a woman look more feminine and finger color is more feminine than any makeup. Fashionable and beautiful fingernails add a woman’s gentle temperament. From the female finger tip nail style reflect her temperament charm.

Manicure is not only the beauty of your fingertips,but also the improvement of your heart. So now the nail industry is more and more develop. We can see it anywhere. Whether the street shop or the in the mall, we can see many people to take care their nail. And the nail polish also popular, you use use it to make the manicures by yourself. But if you want to make a more beautiful, you should go to the professional manicures shop or kiosk. Because there are many types of nail art. Such as nail art coloured drawing or pattern, the patch nail,embossed nail,crystal nail,gel nails and nail polish. You can choose the one you like, but you have to go to a regular institution to get the safe and manicures.


Two place you can choose, one is the nail shop have a certified. The other one is the mall manicures kiosk. Because the mall kiosk all need to get the approved from the mall, of course include their business, the manicures service. If someone and her kiosk are approved,she can doing her manicures service in the mall. Because the nail industry is very popular, and the mall have many people everyday. So that’s a good way to make money. But have the kiosk is not enough. You must have a beautiful kiosk. Let me introduce you to a few.


First one is very popular one, we’ve done a lot of this type before.The main color is pink and white, looks very simple but beautiful. There have 3 service seats, also have waiting area. If someone waits for her friend who making the manicures, she can seat in the waiting area and waiting her friend. But there just have 2 chairs, if the kiosk owner want to increase the chair, that’s no problem. Because this is a customize kiosk, it can according to the owner’s requirements to design it. This kiosk also have nail polish display area, that’s a good idea to show the nail polish. Because some people want to use it to make the manicures by herself. I think it’s necessary to show the nail polish.

This kiosk with sink, when finish the working, it can wash hands. Kiosk’s body have light logo, it’s a good chance to show the brand. If someone got a good service in there, she will remember this brand and share with her friend. So if you want to make a kiosk, don’t forget your logo.

nail kiosk

Second one is a open kiosk, it have 5 service seats, if you business is very booming, you can choose this type. It can serve many people at once. Time is a fatal injury, many people are not willing to wait. If you don’t have enough seats, you will miss out on all lot of guests. The front is a cash counter and it with a price list. Many people want to make the manicures but they don’t know the price and be shy of to ask the price. So it can make the price list in a prominent position. This kiosk not only have manicures service, but also have pedicure service. Although there are fewer people to care foot nails than hand nails. It also important.

The back side have a waiting sofa, also the good design. And the kiosk body have promotional pictures that highlight your business.

mall nail kiosk

No matter what kind of kiosk it is, you can make them all the way you want them to be. Because it’s customize products. No matter its size, shape,layout,color or style, we can do it according to all your ideas. Don’t hesitate if you want to make a mall manicures kiosk. Please contact us,we are the professional mall kiosk designer and manufacturer.

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