retail kiosk factories usually have the following departments:

Business Departments: Business Departments are of course one of the most important. It is responsible for customer development, customer service, business communication and coordination, and responsible for the maintenance of orders. This department is the lifeblood of the company, and its key role is self-evident.

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Design Departments: Some retail kiosk factories are also called Engineering Departments. General design departments are subordinate to business departments. In some large companies, it is also independent, the same as the business department. The design, production and evaluation of drawings are inseparable from the designer. It should be said that every showcase factory needs a designer. Designing ability is strong and weak. Cartographers must possess it, at least.

Network Departments: General Network Departments are also subordinate to Business Departments. It is responsible for the development of network services. In the Internet era, the network sector is indispensable. Many customers have searched the Internet for suppliers to find the products they need. Each showcase factory has different advantages on the network according to its own development.

Purchasing Department: responsible for purchasing materials, that is, to find high quality and cheap raw materials to meet production needs. Purchasing department can be used in every showcase factory, but the degree of specialization is different. Only materials can be followed up in time to meet production needs and ensure the time and quality of transportation.

Production Department: Every showcase factory has a production department. The importance of the production sector is everyone’s heart. You can produce high quality showcases, which is also the lifeline of the company. Every potential customer will definitely go to the workshop to see the quality of our equipment and products. This is a difficult indicator. If the production sector does not work, other sectors will lose support. There are many different departments in the production department, such as woodworking, oil factory, hardware, organic products, warehouses and so on. The so-called sparrow is small and complete.

Finance Department: Finance is mainly responsible for the company’s finance. Capital is the lifeblood of a company. If the capital chain is broken, the operation of the company will be unsustainable. The Finance Department plays a very important role in fund management.

Management: Every company has many administrative affairs, such as reception, personnel arrangement, personnel training, conference organization, etc. Mainly do internal services, external reception work.

Each department must communicate and coordinate with each other so that the retail kiosk factory can operate normally, so as to provide good service and survival and development for customers.

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