Do you have eyebrow? You might say this is a silly question, because everyone has eyebrow. But i would say there are some people who don’t have eyebrows,like me. It refers to the eyebrow are very shallow, it looks like there are no eyebrows. It directly affect the facial temperament, if you eyebrow are very shallow, the whole person will look very old. But if your eyebrow are very thick, it also not very good. Especially for girl. So eyebrow are the level of appearance of the facial features.


Nowadays, young girls wear makeup when they go out. The same face, the same makeup, with different eyebrow,will show the completely different temperament. But when we remove our makeup, they look very listless, so some people choose to have their eyebrow tattooed in order to look good all the time. In fact, many people have eyebrow tattoo. Not only to save the daily makeup time, but more importantly to enhance personal temperament. From trimming to delicate makeup, not only the improvement of temperament, but also the improvement of others’ evaluation. In this face-watching society, an exquisite face will undoubtedly provide more convenience.


In order to get their eyebrows tattooed,many boys or girls go to eyebrow tattoo shops. For girl, the current very popular tattoo eyebrows are nothing more than fog eyebrows,mist shape eyebrow. What it pursues is the feeling that swept like eyebrow pink. Also known as micro cell color insertion. The US is called subtle permanent beauty makeup. Japan is called cosmetic makeup. South Korea is called semi-permanent makeup. It is very necessary to men to get eyebrow tattoo. Most men don’t realize how important their eyebrows will make people feel lack of masculinity. Eyebrow messy will appear unclean. Eyebrow shapeless facial features without god. Bushy eyebrow are the symbol of a handsome man.Sparse eyebrows and broken eyebrows can greatly affect the appearance. Different eyebrow shape can bring out different personality and charm of men.


Now we can see many mall have eyebrow kiosk, this is a kiosk for people who get their eyebrows tattooed. This is shows that eyebrow tattooing is not limited to stores,but can be done in various shopping malls. And the eyebrow kiosk also have many style, many type. But what they have in common is that they are both beautiful. Let’s see what these kiosks look like.

mall eyebrow

mall eyebrow kiosk

They look very attractive right? Yes,they are all designed in our company. Not only design, we also can manufacture them.The workmanship also very nice. Let’s see the production pictures.

production picture


They are really amazing products. Do you like it after watching it? Want to make a new and more beautiful one? Absolutely no problem. Please contact us, we will meet all your needs.

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