Life of a Customized Sweet Candy Kiosk in a Shopping Mall

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Good morning everyone, my name is sweet candy kiosk. I live in an American shopping center. The happiest thing is many people love my appearance and buy more candies. Because it’s my duty to display items and help the master make money. I am happy to attach the brand name on the body, so people can notice me at the first eyesight. Let’s introduce myself to you.

Birth is the beginning of life

Birth is viewed as the beginning of life, the same to me. I was born in China, created by a designer and an architect. Of course, my master also contributed, because he determined my appearance, shape, and height. Unlike human beings, I don’t need to go through a long process of growth. Yes, as long as I don’t hurt, I will always keep the way I was born.

My master told me that the process of “bringing” me was very energy-intensive. He is thinking about how to make me different and good for business almost every night. Perhaps this is the price of uniqueness because only well-designed shapes can attract people. Fortunately, he met professional designers who can accurately understand his ideas and work hard to make me perfect. I also thank them for giving me a perfect life.

The most important thing is to produce progress. This part determines how strong I am and how long I can exist. I am very grateful to the patience and highly skilled workers who pay attention to details and assemble me step by step. I can tell you my story here.

candy kiosk

My daily work

I came to the United States by ship from China, during which time I had to stay at the port, live in different containers, and take a truck to my destination. I am very happy and worried because I am about to face the future alone. My daily work is to display showcase candies, store more candies, and attract more people to buy candies. I love my job because I can meet with different people every day, serve them and help the owner make money. Yes, I am a money-making tool. I hope the owner can change the poster regularly so that more people will notice me. Which can also bring many target customers.

My layout and decoration

Candy kiosk layout

As for the custom candy kiosk, I have display stands on both sides. The candy boxes containing candies are neatly arranged on the display racks. People can choose their favorite candy. On the left is a cash register, where people pay their bills. On the right is a workbench with a sink. People can wash their hands here, and the shopkeeper cleans the counter and shelves every day to keep it clean and tidy.

Candy kiosk decoration

The main color is white and red. Different color has a different effect, so we have to choose the color matches the shop theme and also attracts eyes attention. The red and white spiral decoration is used for the 4 pillars, which are the supports of the ceiling. This spiral decoration is commonly used in candy shops. Do you like my design?

There are many different candy kiosks for you to choose from, please don’t worry. I am sure that we can help your business well. Before starting a business, please don’t hesitate to take me away. And also add your own ideas to make the candy kiosk unique. I can’t wait to see more good looking family members. Thank you for listening. See you next time.

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