How to get a double side barber station with mirrors

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Hair cutting service become very popular recently. There are many different styles of barber stations to choose. However, as for a shop owner, it’s our duty to purchase attractive barber station with mirrors for business. Choosing a double-sided mirror barber station is a fashion trend, as we have received a lot of inquiries. Now, I sort out their worries and hope it will guide you to choose correct mirror stations.

Why double side barber station is popular?

First: multi-function to use

In the hair salon shop, the barber counter is the working area. Clients enjoy hair styling service, hair cutting service here directly. It also has to contain different kinds of hair tools to use. This double side mirror station allow people sit face to face to improve efficiency. And it uses as storage cabinet, hair tools collection, etc.

Second: decorate hair shop better

The surface color is dark with brown wood color, it gives a very classic, elegant, high-end atmosphere. It is good to set in the middle area. It can stand in the middle of the shop to increase the working area, and it can be very harmoniously integrated with your shop decoration.

Third: easy to move

This mirror station can stand individually since it has a small size around 800mm*500mm*1800mm. We can easy to move it easily to change the shop layout. And customers will always keep expectations and freshness of your store.

barber station with mirror

How to get a double side mirror shelf?

This is what many people ask me as the first question. They all hope to get a unique and special mirror shelf from others. We recommend to think about which one is good for your business first. Such as drawers, open display cabinet, front shelf to put items, outlets and hollows for hair dryer, etc. Everything you think necessary is allowed to add to the kiosk.

Second, show all the requirements directly in the 3D design drawing. We should also choose a perfect color decoration in this step. Like color decoration, displays (We can arrange in advance and use every space), size and material.

Third, production the mirror shelf according to confirmed drawing. When the workers build it the barber station step by step, I am sure that you can receive the correct mirror station as you need. Besides, a professional manufacturer depends on the quality. As they use high-quality materials and let highly skilled workers to produce.

Finally, check the goods carefully before and after you receive the goods. Usually, the workers will take pictures and videos to show you the details. What we should do is check them carefully. This mirror station will delivery as a whole with mirrors, light, wires and locked drawers. So we don’t have to installation, just connect wires is enough.


Product quality

This mirror station mainly use plywood to build the body. Plywood is a hard and waterproof material. The surface material is natural wood. The surface of solid wood is durable and looks very very popular. The mirror shelf can stay in new condition even if you use it for more than 5 years.

Warm service

Unique Furniture Ltd. will provide one to stop services, as their company culture is to provide good service and good products. We can enjoy the warm service from start order to delivery. Whenever you have needs, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. The sales team will be in help as soon as possible. And whenever we have doubts to use after receive goods, they will also help us immediately. Hope everyone will choose the perfect hair shop furniture and has a good business!

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