Yellow Toy Kiosk RMU Stand Mall Display Shelf for Sale

book kioskRMU stand has become more and more popular recently. Because it suits nearly all industrial and can place anywhere you want. For example, you can install it in the supermarket, shopping center, retail shop, and even events. RMU stand can make in unique shapes, customize sizes, and special designs. Today, I want to share a nice RMU stand with you.

RMU stand design

This RMU stand looks like a locomotive and has multiple shelves to place items. It looks vivid and can hold many products. The popular size is 2m by 0.8m, we can also customize the size according to your location.

supermarket stand

toy kiosk Cart shape RMU stand introduction

The front side mainly use for decoration, it also has different levels of boxes to place items. Brand logo replacement license plate, which attracts eyes attention.

Two sides are wood shelves with brand signs. Next to it is slat wall decoration, which can hang different kinds of goods and can also be good for clients to purchase goods. At the top of the counter are a brand sign and a round logo. Each shelf has lighting for advertising

The back also has display shelves. If you like drawers or cabinets, we can also add them to the RMU stands. At the bottom has a wheels decoration and brand logo and advertising stickers.

 RUM standMaterials

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Light lamp, wheels, backlit sign, etc.

We can also use the same material as you want. For example fiberglass material or wood, etc.

Real effect show

The left photo is the real look of the RMU stand install in the location. The color can also change according to your needs. And can even make small changes to fit your business. Such as sell books, pencel, food, milk, toys, and gifts.

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