Yellow and Black Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Brow Bar Counter in Mall

eyebrow kiosk

The brow bar counter mainly installs in the shopping center. It helps to provide eyebrow tattoo service, eyelash service, and eyebrow extension service. Here is a nice eyebrow threading kiosk for sale.

Eyebrow threading kiosk design

This eyebrow threading kiosk includes 4 service areas in total. Two entrances in the middle allow more clients to pass through. Lightbox, brand letters show your business to the public. And the glass cabinet show products to increase sales. The size is 4m by 3m, the main color is yellow and black.

Brow bar table with glass cabinet

eyelash service booth

The eyebrow work table is installed on two narrow sides, with 2 seats on each side. It has an LED mirror on the counter table, under the bottom are lock drawers and cabinets for storage. In front are a light box painting and a glass cabinet. There are multiple glass layers to place products in order.

Wall cabinets

Eyebrow threading kiosks need space to store tools. There are 4 walls with cabinets, the top cabinet has sliding doors, necessary goods can be put here for each reach. All the drawer has locks so that products can’t be stolen at night

ibrow stationBrand signage

There is a high panel stand on the front side to show the brand logo and posters. The diagonal panel can add a TV player or an advertising poster. At the surface of cabinet walls also can attach a brand logo. In this case, clients can see you in different directions and remember your business better.


An attractive eyebrow threading kiosk appeals to the clients and wins more customers. We should focus more on the eyebrow threading kiosk decoration. And make it matches your shop theme and stand out. It’s better to draw 3D designs based on your requirements and under mall rules. Whenever you need a wonderful eyebrow kiosk, Unique Furniture Ltd. can help you.

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