Black Color Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Modern Brow Bar Station

Eyebrow threading kiosk is a place to provide eyebrow threading service. It is necessary to choose an attractive and high-end eyebrow threading kiosk. Here is a nice eyebrow threading kiosk for your reference.

eyebrow service stationBlack color eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading kiosk includes 3 working stations, a seating sofa, a water sink, a glass wall cabinet, and a cashier counter. The size is 5m by 2.2m, we can also put up advertising posters and brand logos on the wall. The main color is black with white decoration at the top.

Eyebrow threading stations

There are 3 eyebrow threading stations on the left. Each station has a mirror with surrounded light, a display table, and sliding drawers. On the front side has a brand logo, menu, and lightbox for advertising.

eyebrow kiosk


The sofa is near the eyebrow threading stations and near the entrance door so that people can sit down without effect working.  In front of the sofa is a high stand, Menu, TV player or brand logo can attach here to remind people.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set on the right side near the entrance. The all is higher the table to protect the POS system. The main electronic box usually installs here. In front he the cashier counter is a good place for brand signs.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Glass cabinet

Glass cabinet inserts inside the middle wall. It has glass doors and shelves to place products. It can help you increase sales because people can buy the goods as soon as they see them. 2 lightboxes are on both sides of it, making full use of the space for display.

Water sink

The water sink is in the corner, it has to connect to the shopping center water supply. You can also use it with a water system.

This eyebrow piercing pavilion supports customization. You are welcome to inquire and make it suitable for your business.

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