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eyebrow threading kiosk

Eyebrow threading kiosk in the mall is a very good place to improve brand culture. Many people start their first business by open an eyebrow threading kiosk. They can also add new elements to make the brow station more attractive and useful.

Red eyebrow threading kiosk design

This eyebrow threading kiosk mainly uses to provide eyebrow threading services, seel eyebrow beauty products. What’s more, the company name and brand logo add to the brow booth. So that clients will know your business and choose you for the first time.

eyebrow threading kiosk

We can see from the real installation photo, this eyebrow threading kiosk total has 4 service stations with mirrors. Menu and posters are set behind to show the public. Its total has 2 entrances in the middle. While the corner has glass cabinets to show products on sale. That is a good idea to improve sales and attract more people to buy products. The eyebrow threading has a hollow roof with ceiling light, which increases brilliant light and protects clients’ privacy.

Color information

Eyebrow threading kiosk uses mainly red color with black color decoration. Red is a very prominent color, it can make your beauty cabinet stand out among many peers. Besides, the high glossy baking paint makes finish makes the eyebrow threading kiosk high end and luxurious.

Size description

Standard shopping mall size is 10ft by 10ft or we can say 3m by 3m. However, you should discuss with the landlord to get a confirmed location size. Then build your eyebrow threading kiosk to fit is a good idea.

If you already have a location, please tell us what is your decoration idea about the eyebrow threading kiosk. Our designer can make a 3D design for you. Throughout the design, you can see how your eyebrow threading kiosk looks like and how to make full use of it. Glad to know that you already choose a design. In this case, we can move forward and produce the eyebrow threading kiosk. And you can get it earlier. No matter how special the eyebrow threading kiosk is, I am sure that you can get a good solution in our company. Thank you for reading.

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