Pink and White Nail Kiosk & Eyebrow Threading Kiosk in Mall

nail kiosk

Are you going to start a nail art service? Recently, many people do nail art and make them look charming. Usually, the owner can do both manicure and eyebrow threading services in one location to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice multi-functional beauty kiosk.

Nail Kiosk & eyebrow threading kiosk

The beauty salon kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft. The kiosk includes a nail table, 3 eyebrow threading stations, and two wall glass cabinets, a nail polish stand, and a POS counter. We use MDF to make the mall service kiosk body and the surface use baking paint. Other materials are tempered glass, stainless steel, etc.

eyebrow threading kioskEyebrow threading station

The eyebrow threading station sets on the right side. The eyebrow threading station includes an LED mirror, display counter, and drawers.

Nail table

The nail table place on the left side. It has a work table to do nail art and under-counter is a shelf to place nail dry equipment. There is a red case on the table, which is good to sort out nail tools.

Glass wall cabinet

There are two glass wall cabinets on both bask and left sides. It has multiple layers to place nail polish with many colors and types.

manicure kioskPOS counter

In the POS setting near the entrance, people can check the bills and choose a suitable project. The front has a lightbox for advertising. The brand logo attaches here to let people know about your business.

Nail polish stand

Nal polish stand is the other entrance, it also places many nail polish here. It has 4 display layers and is divided into 2 parts evenly so that you can put together nail polishes of the same category. The top counter has a sloped countertop that can store more nail polish.

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