Wooden style coffee display stand with metal frame

Instant coffee is a kind of coffee made by roasting and grinding coffee beans. Then using hot water to extract and concentrate, and then drying. It can be instantly dissolved and drunk. Sometimes if you don’t have the time to go to the coffee shop to have coffee, you can try a cup of instant coffee. For example, when you get up in the morning, you can have a cup of instant coffee to refresh yourself. Today we want to introduce an instant coffee kiosk to you.



This is a coffee display booth in the shopping to sell instant coffee. The layout is opening in order to let the customer can choose the products easily. 4 corners are for the display stand with the black metal frame. And the middle is a display island stand with a bar desk.

This area can for the customer to try the taste of instant coffee here. For the material of this coffee display booth, we will use plywood with laminate and with a black metal frame.


Discuss the details – The first step is to discuss with our sales team your requirements. For example, the size, the logo, your favorite style and so on.

Pay a design deposit – For a customized 3D design service charge a 300USD design deposit/

Make a 3D design – Our design team can make a professional 3D design according to your need. You can decide how many display stand you need or tell us the layout you want.

Finalize the 3D design – We will send the 3D design of the coffee kiosk in 3-5 working days. And then you can check and let us know your comments then we can make the changes for you.



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