High-End Modern Coffee Counter Stand Wine Shelf

coffee tand

The coffee stand installs everywhere, such as offices, the house uses shopping malls and even coffee shops. It can also use as self-service coffee machine so that poeple can help themshelves. Today, I want to share a nice coffee stand with you.

Individual coffee counter stand

This coffee counter stand has working counter, display shelf storage cabinet, we also leave space for the coffee cups. We can make it in brown, black, green and dark red color and other colors to meet customers demands. Size is 800mm*500mm*1600mm, can also customize according to your needs.

coffee stand

coffee booth

Layout introduction

As we can see in the front, it has a curved shelf upon the coffee counter. We can add panels here to place coffee beans, etc. The coffee machine set at the counter top for usage. Under the counter table, it has 4 round rings to place coffee cups, next to it are two small drawers. At the bottom has storage cabinet to restore items.

Function of coffee stand

This coffee stand mainly use to sell coffee, wine, fresh juice and tea. We can also put up posters to the posters and even brand letters to let more people understand your business better.

The main coffee stand is larger than display helf. Next to it is red display shelf, it has 3 layers in total, the top two layers can place bottles and other stands. While the counter top has 3 lines to sort out cups. Very important to use.

coffee counterMaterials show:

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint with matte glossy effect

Other materials: Metal, stainless steel, hardware, etc.

We can also use Plywood to build the coffee stand body and surface material use laminate, aluminum composit panel to the surface. The counter top use marble stone to create a high end effect. It is also easy to clean and protect the coffee kiosk

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