Starbucks coffee kiosk shopping mall food booth

Coffee is a favorite beverage all over the world. If you want to start a coffee kiosk, we can help you to do it. We have many coffee kiosk designs for you to choose from. You can check on our website for your favorite coffee food booth design or we can customize a new one for you. Now let me show you the details of this Starbucks coffee kiosk design.


This is a coffee kiosk with a top and pillars. And the size is about 4 x 3 m. The material is plywood with laminate or we can use solid wood. It depends on your budget because solid wood is more expensive. We can add your logo to the coffee kiosk. And please send us if you have an equipment list then we will arrange the layout for you. Our designer will put the equipment on the coffee kiosk for you to see.


We can make a customized coffee kiosk design for you. The design deposit is 300 USD. When we receive the design deposit for the coffee kiosk, we will start to make a 3D coffee kiosk design for you. It will take 3-5 working days then we will send it to you. You can review the coffee food booth design and let us know your comments. Our design team can make the changes for you for free.


When we install the coffee kiosk, we will send the finished pictures and videos to you. And then we will start the packing to use foam and film to cover each part. Finally, we will put them in a wooden box. For the shipping, we can arrange for you to the destination port or to your shopping mall address.

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