Attractive Coffee Counter Kiosk with Tile Stand

coffee counter

Are you looking for a wonderful coffee counter kiosk? The coffee kiosk is a good place to sell coffee, juice, ice cream, and bubble tea. You can make full use of Today, I want to share a nice coffee kiosk design with you.

Unique coffee counter design

This coffee kiosk size is 3m by 2m. It includes a reception counter, display shelves, decoration wall, top roof coffee model, and logo. You can also customize it to get a wonderful showcase effect.

coffee boothFront Counter

The front counter mainly uses for the reception counter, you can also set a POS system here for checking bills. On the counter body are white letters with a black background. Which decorates the coffee kiosk and makes it outstanding.

Coffee cup model

The coffee cup model is set near the entrance. It vividly shows your products to clients. So they are willing to buy a cup of coffee from you. The shape of the coffee bag stands on the back wall. They directly show people your business and increase the uniqueness of your coffee shop.

coffee kioskWall decoration

The wall decoration is on the backside, we can attach round light box painting on the wall for advertising. The menu can also hang here to show clients.

Top ceiling

There is a roof at the top, mainly used to support lighting for brilliant. It is also a good idea to attracts more clients. While the side has a wood bar decoration wall. It has a brand sign facing the public behind use as a wall cabinet.

Brand logo

The brand logo hangs at the top ceiling. Clients can view your business from distance. You can also use the backlit light logo to makes your coffee kiosk outstanding.

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