High-End Coffee Kiosk Retail Cafe Bar Counter for Sale

coffee kiosk Are you looking for a high-end coffee kiosk for business? It is good to sell coffee, juice, smoothie, crepes, and waffles. Today, I want to share a nice coffee kiosk with you. Today, I want to share a nice coffee kiosk with you.

Coffee kiosk with ceiling

This coffee kiosk size is 4m by 3m, standard sizes in the shopping mall. However, you can make it unique and attractive under the mall rules. This coffee kiosk includes ceiling, flooring, work table, storage cabinet, brand sign, cashier counter, and dining table and chairs. You can even add your own ideas to the coffee kiosk to appeal to more clients.

coffee counterKitchen room

The kitchen room mainly uses to prepare coffee and food. It includes a work table, storage cabinet, space for equipment cashier counter also set in the service counter. So that clients can purchase their favorite food here. The water sink is also set on the counter table for better usage.

Dining table and chairs

The entrance is set in the middle of the shop so that people can see the service counter at the first sight. And they can also sit down and enjoy meals once pick up the dishes. Advertising posters attach to the column so that poeple can understand your business better.

coffee shopCeiling and brand sign

This ceiling is in black color, it is not only to decorate the shop but also makes your coffee shop outstanding. You can also hang beautiful lighting to highlight the shop theme.

The brand signs can attach to the top ceiling, menu, and lightbox posters can also hang under the ceiling for advertising.

Materials show

Plywood mainly to build the wood body, and the surface mainly use laminate, wood veneer to create a nice effect. Stainless steel to protect the kicking. Black stone to build the countertop, which is good-looking and easy to clean.

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