Wood Brown Coffee Kiosk in Mall Retail Cafe Counter Food Stall for Sale

cafe stand

Opening a coffee kiosk is one of the profit business ideas in the world. Many people like drink coffee to start a good day. Today, I want to share an upscale coffee kiosk here. You can follow this design and start a business.

Brown coffee kiosk

Similar to other mall kiosks, the coffee kiosk includes a work table, cashier counter, glass display showcase, a drinking bar, and chairs, water sink, etc. We should also leave space for brand logos and advertising. This brown coffee kiosk covers an area of 3m by 3m or we can say 10ft by 10ft. It is a standard location size in the mall. If you rent other sizes, please make the coffee kiosk fit the space.

coffee tableFront counter

The front counter mainly uses to showcase and sell coffee. It includes a cashier counter with a POS system, a glass display cabinet, and a fridge under the counter. A high panel near it to show menu, advertising, or brand logo.

Left counter

The left counter has a workbench, coffee machine, blender place here to make coffee. Under the counter is full space for fridges. Outside is a bar table with chairs, clients sit down here and drink coffee. A wood plate with a top glass panel between them for protection.

coffee shopRight table

The right side has a 3-stair-cabinet, coffee cup, and coffee machine place here. Clients can buy easily if they like. Behind it is a small counter, microwave place under the table to full use of space. The front has a brand panel to cover it, which increases advertising and poeple can’t see from outside. The door near the counter to enter the shop.

Back counter

The back wall has 3 light boxes with delicious coffee ads, attracts poeple to buy a cup of coffee. Inside the coffee kiosk are single stainless steel sink and 3- compartment sink.

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