Wooden material slipper shoe kiosk retail display showcase

Slippers are one of the necessities of life for everyone. If you want to start a small business, you can try to sell the slippers. It did not need a lot of budget, the cost of the slippers is low. And then we can make a slipper kiosk for you to display the products. Now let us share with you a simple style shoe kiosk.


The outside is the display area of this retail mall kiosk. You can use the hook to display the slippers and inside has the storage cabinet and the cashier desk.

Meanwhile, you can see the outside design has the 3D lighted logo. Also, we can make some lighted boxes for decoration or advertising. For the shoe kiosk, we need to make a mirror for the customer to see the effect of wearing shoes.



For the material of the retail kiosk in the shopping mall, we usually use MDF with baking paint.

The advantage of this material is we can use it to make any shape. And the surface finish is glossy and smooth.

The logo we can make it 3d hollow-out lighted logo and the inside cabinet all have the same lock with key.



If you planning to open a shoe kiosk, you need to find a location first and then tell us the size. Then we will guide you from design to shipping.

First, we need to make a customize 3d design according to your location size and logo. After modification and the customer confirm the final 3d design, we will make a construction drawing.

The construction drawing can for us to check all the details and send it to the mall for approval.

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