Good morning, friend. Nice to meet you here. Are you going to open a hair salon store recently? Hair styling becomes more popular nowadays, as people dream to have a good appearance. It’s a great idea to open a hair salon store in your country. A hair dressing store need a mall location as it’s your first business. Only 2-3 working station can help you serve customers. When you plan to upgrade the shop, you can rent a larger shop and purchase more hair styling stations, etc. Here is a hair store decoration for your reference.

How to decoration the hair styling station to your favorites

First of all, you should rent a street shop and confirm the dimensions. Then choose a best color and style for your hair salon shop. If you have no idea about color, you can choose one to match your brand logo color and style. That’s what we do for most of our customers.  Third, make a floor plan, where you can put styling station and where to put reception counter is clearly. Besides, find an excellent design team to draw 3D design. From the 3D design, you can see your own shop clearly. What you should do is to check the drawing and make sure it’s the one you want. Finally, when make the furniture follow on the design drawing, you can get the right decoration you want.

3D design drawing show

From the design picture, we can see this hair shop has 3 working area with mirrors. The mirrors station always stand closed the wall, which is more safe and save space. Every station has locked drawers, cabinets and also with a sink on the counter top. While on the other side, there are wall cabinets to place items like shampoo or other products that people can buy easily. It is suits for who have limited space, do you like the hair store decoration?

hair store station

If you have any new ideas, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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