It’s the right time to sell coffee in your country. Before start business, please don’t forget to choose this attractive coffee display kiosk. 

Coffee is almost a part of our daily life. We drink coffee when we get up in the morning and even before going to bed at night . Especially in the shopping mall. When we want to have a rest, a coffee store should be the NO.1 place we choose. So when you choose this coffee display kiosk, it will be good for your sales. Because customers can sit down and enjoy the coffee.

Some basic information about the coffee kiosk.

  1. Material: Plywood or MDF. You should choose one as your basic material
  2. Finish: Backing painting and solid wood surface.
  3. Countertop: Man mad stone.
  4. Storage and display places: Locked cabinets for store the coffee and other food.
  5. You can also put the machines on and under the counter, it’s up to you. Because coffee kiosks can be customized.

Learn more:

  1. The baking is very glossy and smooth, it will highlight your tea kiosk. The solid wood surface can enhance your store’s grades, set off the atmosphere, make people feel relaxed.
  2. The man-made stone can be stable and easy to clean. However, it needs more money, if you don’t have much money, the wooden plate and fireproof board can help you better.
  3. You can also put the sink, beverage or another place inside the wooden space. It enlarges the storage and you can also put the menu and ad. on the wall. Isn’t convenient?

How to purchase your own coffee display kiosk.

  • Make sure that you have a space to sell coffee
  • Tell us your requirements about your own coffee display kiosk
  • Make the 3D design and construction drawings.
  • Modify the design to make sure it’s the right kiosk you want
  • Production the coffee display kiosk according to the confirmed design.
  • Shipping to your country
  • Follow the instruction and consist of the kiosk
  • Start your business

We are the first one to provide unique kiosk service in Shenzhen. We can make the kiosk as you want.

Please contact us soon. Thank you for reading

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