Customized 8ft by 8ft unique coffee kiosk suits for shopping mall

Coffee and bubble tea becomes more and more popular all over the world. You must need a unique coffee kiosk to start your own business. Now, let’s see this unique coffee kiosk design together.

This coffee kiosk idea is from one of our customers. He likes simple style and light color. You may want to know why the coffee kiosk becomes to this dark color. Because the mall don’t like light color, so we need to make change. That means it’s very important to tell us what’s the manager wants and what’s the mall rule.

Usually, we put the logo to a higher place to make sure that the customers can figure out at the first time. The same to this unique kiosk. Besides,there are also three logos on the three sides, so people can find you in every directions. Moreover, the basic material is plywood with brown oak wood decoration.

The counter top used white man made stone. Stone is easy to clean up and it’s eco-friendly. When seeing the left side, it’s a tempered glass board, it can not only beautiful but also prevents water from splashing out. The munu stand can let customers better choose what they want. On the right sides is a machines for food. When you have other machines like refrigerator, we will find a suitable place for them. At last, you can see the white led light on the kicking, wich can shine brightly in the evening.

Do you like this design and layout? When do you want it to becomes yours, please let us know your own rquirements. So that we can drawing a new 3D design for you. The size, color, material, layout, and space depends on your own idea. We can also production this unique kiosk for you.

We have 10 years’ experience in makind customized kiosks. Our main market is America, Australia, Canada, Australia, France and so on. When you come to China, welcome to visiting our factory, and to see the process of the kiosks.

Thank you for reading, if you need further information. Please contact us soon.


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