Hi everybody How are you!! Welcome to visit our company website. Today I want to share with you a very good USA coffee airport kiosk mall food kiosk for sale.

Coffee’s popularity in the states we can traced back to the Revolutionary War. Then where a bunch of angry colonists threw boxes of tea overboard to protest British taxes. John Adams, our second president, even went as far as to declare tea a “traitor’s drink”. As a result, Americans everywhere united and vowed to only serve coffee in their homes. In their minds, tea = British. That is to say drinking it was seen as a betrayal to the colonies!

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, and produced in more than 50 countries. American demand coffee that is distinctive and memorable, she says. “When you walk into many cafes now, the barista will able to tell you where your coffee grown, who produced it, and what variety it is. You will often offered coffee brewed as filter as well as espresso. The menu will showcase coffees that are in season and specialty grade, and the labels on retail bags of beans will tell you when it was harvested and roasted.”

The 3D design drawing of the Bandit coffee kiosk:

coffee airport kiosk

coffee airport kiosk

very good coffee airport kiosk

So what is the material of this coffee airport kiosk?

Basic material: plywood. ( It is very strong and waterproof ).

Surface finishing: laminate ( fire-proof ).

Countertop: wooden color laminate & solid wood.

Other: metal net, 3D lighted logo, Acrylic not lighted logo, same lock with key, stainless steel skirting.

The real production pictures of the coffee kiosk:

The production picture of Bandit coffee kiosk The production picture of Bandit coffee kiosk The production picture of Bandit coffee kiosk

How to make the 3D design of the coffee retail kiosk?

Online communicate with our sales team about your requirements.

300$ for the design deposit but no worries. It will return to you when order, so actually it is for free.

We will send the first design to you within 2-3 working day.

After you confirm the final design, pay 50% deposit we will start the production.

50% left balance before the shipping.

We will offer the after-sales service to you.

The feedback from our customer:

The feedback picture from customer


Any questions please feel free to contact us!!!


Contact person: Amy Chen


Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142

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