Modern coffee kiosk with bakery display showcase for sale

What’s the most popular service in 2019? That must be the coffee and cold beverage service. When walking into the shopping center, you will notice there have so many different types of beverage service. Such as coffee kiosk, bakery kiosk, juice kiosk, cake kiosk, etc. Today the one I want to introduce is a very modern coffee kiosk, it has a display machine to sell bakery. You can also use it to sell other food.

Basic information about coffee kiosk

coffee kiosk

  • Size: 3000X3000mm.
  • Color:  white and brown.
  • Material:  MDF, baking paint, and Corian.
  • Accessories: Poster, led light, sink, art glass, and stainless steel.
  • Usage: shopping center, coffee store, and food court
  • Price:$ 8200 ( 100% customize and high quality)

We can see the whole kiosk’s basic tone is white and brown. with Concave and convex strip decoration. At the front part are a cashier counter and coffee machine, with a menu lightbox to show. The left is a cake display fridge. While the backsides is a double stainless steel sink. Each counter bottom with a wooden cabinet for storage. The top of the entire information kiosk is surrounded by a tempered glass panel, which keeps customers away from the workbench. It not only protects customers but also keeps the ingredients clean. The white LED lights are hidden on the countertop, which looks novel and can attract customers’ attention.

Decoration introduction:

Different decoration and layout make the coffee kiosk different. The main tone is white with brown color. It can remind people of food, and it can also distinguish your coffee shop from other food stores. We can see the brand logo on the reception desk, giving a deep impression when people order meals. And menu place on another side also as a decoration.

How to open a bakery kiosk in the shopping center?

First, make a business plan.

A business plan is the first step in starting a business. It can help you start a business smoothly. If you need a partner, the business plan is also easier to attract investment. Besides, many landlords also need to understand your business plan before signing a contract.

Second, prepare for the opening bakery kiosk.

You should find a fixed place of business. A fixed location makes it easy for customers to find you. And also make a counter layout plan according to space. The basic information includes the cashier counter, machine place, cabinet place, menu, posters, and theme.

Third, show your needs in a 3D design drawing.

Only a layout plan can’t show the details and effect clearly. It’s better to find a professional to help you make the 3D model. You can also make changes to make it better. What’s more, the manager and health department have to review your bakery kiosk design and material. Therefore, you can submit the design drawings for review and approval.

Finally, produce the bakery kiosk based on confirmed design.

It is very necessary to find a professional display cabinet factory. You can get very cost-effective products. And the food kiosk with good quality can be used for many years. The person can also take photos and videos to show you the product’s progress and even guide you on how to use it when receiving the counter.

Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. is such a good factory to cooperate with. We have an excellent team of designers, skilled workers, and a professional sales team to serve you. In addition to home service, you can have good products and fast delivery time. Because we are a direct factory, we can control production and delivery.

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