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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a cup of coffee. For many Western countries, especially the USA, Canada and some Europe countries, coffee almost full of their life like water.

Nowadays, many people work are very busy, they are seriously lack of sleep under high-intensity work. So they really need a cup of coffee to refresh themselves and make them feel energetic. Coffee sorts and tastes also added a lot than before, can meet different people’ needs.

Recently coffee shop and coffee bar already become a place for people to enjoy their leisure time and chat with friends.

So if you still thinking about doing what kind of business, do a coffee bar really a good choice.

Today I want to share you a nice coffee bar we just designed:

coffee bar

When you first eye sees this coffee bar, you will found it is a very rustic style kiosk.  The whole kiosk used dark coffee color match black, looks very high-end and nice, very suitable for coffee.

Back wall area comes with some blackboard menu and shelves, can use to display your products. Four corner areas have black racks can put coffee too. Around the kiosk, 3 sides are bar counter, customers can sit and enjoy coffee there.

coffee bar

Some Basic info for this coffee bar:

1. size: 2.5m by 2.5m

2. color: dark coffee color match black

3. Accessories: blackboard menus, menu racks, acrylic logo, led lights

4. Production time: 22-25 workdays after order confirmed


Unique display limited already specialize in making customized mall kiosks and shop furnitures more than 10 years.

We have experienced design team and workshop, if you are looking for a coffee bar, just come here!

You will find what you want?





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