Hey, friend, are you still looking for the mobile coffee kiosk? Are you still worried can’t find a special design? You’re right to find us here. We are unique kiosk is a direct supplier in China, we mainly work on the design and customize the different type of mall retail kiosk and bar counter.

Coffee Kiosk

Here the one I want to share is a very exquisite coffee kiosk design, let’s see more details here. We can see the whole kiosk design is very exquisite and attractive.It can for selling coffee, ice cream, chocolate, and cake. We can see the whole kiosk counter is brown color, the front part with cashier counter, milkshake machine, and a display fridge. At the back side are two ice cream machine, beverage display fridge, and some coffee machine.


coffee kiosk

The front of the kiosk we do the white line to decorate the front board. We also do the square frame to circle the white line. For the front of the kiosk, we also add the coffee cup shape in the corner. Two sides of the kiosk, we install the glass showcase, we will the kiosk we have the glass display showcase with pink light strip, For the top of the kiosk, we will add the stainless steel frame to make the kiosk more elegant.  You can see the back wall is a white tile with some black metal display shelves, black color roof with the spotlight, light box. decoration ceiling lamp. it’s very attractive.

Basic Information:

  • Size: 4000 x 3000mm.
  • Color:  brown, white, black.
  • Material: MDF, plywood, laminate, tile, metal.
  • Service: coffee, ice cream, chocolate. cake.
  • accessories: led light, lightbox.

Production Process:

The kiosk is made into 4 steps. One step is we will do the wooden cabinet firstly. Prepare the material is essential to start. Then assemble the wooden board to make the wooden cabinet. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the sockets place and light strip for you. Then we will polish the wooden cabinet and make the wooden cabinet more smooth and the unique.

Thirdly, we need to do the baking paint to make the surface more beautiful. We need to do the 4 white primers firstly. After we do the primers, we will do the baking paint. We will send the Panton Color Card to you in advance, you can choose the color you want. We will ask for the factory and match the suitable color for you.

Finally, we need to install the logo, lights, light strip, light box and the airon stand with light.

coffee kiosk

How Can I Assemble it?

When we produce it, we will divide it into several parts and produce it according to the construction drawings. Before we produce it, we will send it to you to have a check. Once you confirm, we will start to produce. When you receive the kiosk, you put the each stand together and connect the hermaphrodite connectors like the picture. Finally, connect the wire with mall power supply. Then kiosk can work.

How can I Order from you?

  • At the firstly, if you want to get new one, we will customize the coffee kiosk according to you ideas. You can tell us all of your ideas for the kiosk like the size, color, layout, and so on. Design fee will cost 300USD, when you confirm it. It will be refunded to your deposit.
  • Second, After you confirm the 3d design and construction drawings. Then we will start to produce it.
  • Thirdly, Arrange the 50% production deposit for it.
  • Fourth, take the videos and production photos for you.
  • Finally, Arrange the balance payment before loaded it

Thanks for your time and reading. If you’re interested to build a coffee kiosk like this one, pls feel free to contact us here.

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