Hello everyone! Welcome to visiting our website. Are you looking for a kiosk to sell both ice cream and coffee? Do you wnat a unique design for your own store? Please don’t miss this blue ice cream coffee kiosk design from Uniquekiosk. I am sure that you will like this style. To be honest, it looks very beautiful and I like it very much.

Informaiton about ice cream coffee kiosk

  1. Size: 18×16ft.
  2. Color: White and blue
  3. Finish: Backing paint
  4. Counter: Man made stone
  5. Material: Plywood, tile, acrylic, light strip, glass and so on.
  6. Layout: Customized layout

The body is designed with a white layer and a blue light strip, so it can shine at the day or night. In the front, there is 4 rolled ice cream machines. A stainless steel sink is on the left, and the right side is a cash register. Then, we can put machines and refregirators on the back side. Besides, the back side wall use blue tile. Tile becomes popular nowadays, because it’s easy to clean and attractive. The big blue ceiling is for brand logo. Finally, it can also hang on TVs and manus in the back wall. It’s very unique and eye-catching. In the central is a square counter, it will enlarge our working counter and storage plece. I can’t wait to show you how it looks.

ice cream coffee kiosk

Do you like this ice cream coffee kiosk design? Will you choose it as your basic design? If you have your own design idea, please let us know. Therefore, we can add to your own kiosk and production for you.

As you know, our company can do both design and production for customers. You should feel free to let us know what size do you want and what color is better for your store decoration. Therefore, our excellent design team will show all your requirements in the 3D design. And we can make a small change according to your description. However, if you don’t have a clear mind, please let us know what you want. We should give you some advice, and then start production according to the final design you agreed.

Thank you for reading. We ae looking for your inquiry.

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