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No one will reject coffee because it has a unique taste and can help us refresh. Most people drink coffee in the morning because they think coffee can make them energetic and bring them a beautiful day. It’s a good idea to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping center. Below is a very unique wood timber finish coffee kiosk set in the mall. It is also a popular food kiosk in our company. Let’s learn how people prefer this mall kiosk design.

Solid wood coffee kiosk for sale

This coffee kiosk size is 4m×3m, a very standard size for mall kiosks. When you get a location at size 3m×2m or 5m×3m, we can also make adjustments based on this design. The solid wood kiosk usually includes a display counter, working table, checkout counter, display cabinet, decoration ceiling, menu wall, and brand logo signage.

Display counter

Display counter usually set in front side, as people can see and purchase directly. In this kiosk design, beverage display showcase face to the public, clients can help themselves.

Cashier counter:

The checkout counter is mainly used to check bills and guide clients to order. It’s very important for a service kiosk in the mall. In a big food kiosk, you can also add a cashier counter at the side, so people don’t have to waiting in line.

Working counter

Working bench usually places at the back side, were used for prepare coffee and food. Machines also place there for convenient usage. In this case, we can see every back counter, side table has coffee machines, blenders, thermos, etc.

Menu and brand logo:

Since the coffee kiosk has a back wall, it’s a very good place to hang advertising posters and menus. People know the prices easily when order coffee and food. Brand sign on the top ceiling at 4 sides, people can know your coffee shop from a far distance.

More information:

Item name: Timber wood coffee kiosk

Color: Brown wood color

Body material: Plywood or MDF

Surface: Natural wood

Counter top: White marble stone

Kicking: Stainless steel

Logo: An acrylic logo with backlit

Other materials: Light lamp, tile, spotlight, etc.

How to order the coffee kiosk?

First, tell us what size of the kiosk you want. Different size has different counters layout.

Second, choose a style as the basic design. You can also tell us all your requirements. As the food kiosk can fully be customized as you want.

Third, make the coffee kiosk design. A new 3D model needs about 3 days to finish. It is made according to your description and shows you imagination into reality. The design service is 300usd.

Then, confirm the design drawing and confirm the order. If you like the drawing, we can check the price and confirm the order. When you need small changes, we can make changes to make it better.

Finally, make the construction drawing to produce the goods. Construction drawing with all thee dimension, material detail, circuit plan, and construction plan. Production follow this construction drawing and you can get a perfect kiosk same as picture shows.

Time delivery:

Before opening the coffee kiosk in mall, we should notice the decoration and building time. Otherwise, we have to pay a huge fined and lose money due to delayed opening. So, here is a time schedule for your reference. We recommend to leave at least 2 months to opening. A month to production it and a month to ship goods to your country. If you don’t choose an ideal coffee kiosk design, we recommend to leave a month more to choose a perfect design and get the approval. Please keep in mind that the mall also need time to review the design work. When you need further information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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