Attractive Lines Coffee Kiosk with American Walnut Surface to Houston

Hello friend, glad to see you here. I am a coffee kiosk in the shopping center. Passers-by pass in front of me every day. Some of them will ignore me, others will be attracted by my beauty. Most people will stop to taste the coffee service I provide. My host also makes money to open chain stores. I am very happy to see more and more coffee kiosks joining the family. Now let me introduce myself. Hope I can help you make money too.

Self-introduction of a coffee kiosk

I am the crystallization of the wisdom of the owner, designer, and worker. I heard from the master that to make me perfect, it used to spend a lot of time and energy to make me better. The designer spent a month to decorate. I am very grateful for what they have done for me, otherwise, I would not have a chance to be here.

Front view display

The front is the location of the cash register and display counter. People order food there and my owner also put ready cakes and snacks for taken away. As you can see the cashier counter closed to the right side, clients can face me and see how the coffee and food is produced.

Side view

Two sides have a long table, and a half-wall closed to the backside over the working table. Which is a good place for countertop machines. Because it can avoid clients closed to the machines. The bottom is locked cabinets with shelves, so my host can restore more items for sale. I am proud of being able to hold many items and completely cover the rental ruler position. Because this way my master can use all the space and have more profit.

Top view

As a qualified shopping mall coffee display cabinet, we not only pay attention to the shape and display, the top is also very important. Because when people are upstairs they can clearly find us. For example, there is a row of spotlights on my head. It not only provides lighting but is also part of the decoration. Many shopping malls do not like ceilings, so you need to check with them before opening a store. It is best to design our coffee kiosk like my host first, and then start making it. what do you think?

My material

My body is made of plywood. The workers first cut according to the plan of each counter, and then combined them so that I have a body. Then they wrapped me in solid wood. Don’t you like solid wood? It doesn’t matter, we can use laminate. Stone is usually used to make a countertop, which not only protects my body but also relieves the owner’s work. Because the stone bears most of the weight and is easy to clean. My kicking is also completely covered with stainless steel, so I won’t be accidentally damaged by customers

How to get a coffee kiosk-like me?

Every coffee kiosk has its unique decoration and birth story. If you want to bring me home, it’s not easy, because I don’t want to leave my host. But you can make a similar coffee kiosk according to my shape and layout. Just replace my name with your brand logo.

If you want a unique and attractive one, please spend time, money, and custom energy to make it. I am sure the professional designer will give you a perfect kiosk design. Besides, it’s very important to find an experienced factory to produce. It depends on how long the coffee kiosk lasts and whether it is helpful for your business. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. is a good choice, they gave me life and let me see many beautiful things. I am sure that they will also give you a coffee kiosk of high quality and good price.

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