High-Level Coffee kiosk Retail Food Counter for Sale

Do you plan to open a luxury coffee kiosk in the shopping center? It’s a good idea to custom made a high-end coffee kiosk. Which can increase brand image and also match the shopping center theme. And also help you increase sales to earn money. Today, I want to share a black coffee kiosk with you. Hope to give you more ideas.

How to build a coffee kiosk in the mall?

Renting a suitable location in a shopping mall is the first step of a business plan. You need to negotiate the lease location, rent, lease period, access requirements, etc. with the mall manager. Because they decide whether you can start a coffee. The second step is to decide the kiosk decoration idea. When adding your needs to the coffee kiosk, it finally is very unique and attractive. The third step is to make the 3D design drawing. Our designer may attention to creating 3D models. The first drawing is ready within 3 working days. Finally, make sure you like the coffee kiosk and it’s the last design of this kiosk.

Description of the coffee counter

This food kiosk covers an area of 4m by 3m, the main color is black and white. It include working counter, display counter and locked cabinets, etc. You can even put machines in the right place for better usage. This coffee kiosk can use to sell coffee, fast food, bubble tea, juice, cake, crepes, etc. That can help you increase sales and also make full use of the space.

The front side has a reception counter with menu stand next to it. The right side is working counter with under counter machines to prepare food. Water sink is in the left side for emergency water. Mricrowave place near the door. We can see there is frost glass on the counter top, which is not only for decoration, but customers can’t see machines from outside. Behind the menu board is a seating table with chairs, clients can enjoy their meals here.

Material show

The main material is MDF with high glossy baking paint. Coffee counter body is white translucent stone with black stickers, which makes the coffee kiosk very attractive and speical. White background with black brand letters is very eye-catching, so that people can leave a deep impression. Right coner near the door has a light posters on the body, which show dilicious food you sell. From the design drawing, we know the total material lists light lamp, stainless steel, 3D luminous LOGO, light box, menu, marble stone counter, and so on. We can even use same mateiral as you need.

3D design pictures

You can see the real looks from design picture. And where you think need small changes, we can help you make adjustment. It’s better to tell us all your needs before designing, so we can show them at the first time without waste more time and energy.

coffee boothmall kioskbubble tea kioskcafe booth

How to manufacture the coffee kiosk?

  • First, confirm order and pay half deposit. We should first confirm the mall kiosk design before production. Also choose a color and material accordingly. Once production, everything is fixed, so we have to make sure everything correct.
  • Second, make wood body of each counter. The production follows the construction drawing, which shows how the counter is divided.
  • Third, make surface treatment. We should first paint the kiosk to the target color. It usually paint 5 times. Make stone countertops and translucent stone cabinets when the paint is finished. Every process is step by step, so it takes time to move forward.
  • Finally, assembly the glass top, light, cabinet doors, wires and sockets. After 2-3 days, you can get the right coffee kiosk as you need. We should also turn on the light to show you what effort when you receive.
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