Fashion and Generous Coffee Kiosk White Cafe Booth for Sale

Coffee is one of the essential beverages in daily life, people drink nearly 5 cups of coffee every day. It’s a great chance to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping center or food court. Many entrepreneurs do not know how to start a coffee business. Today I want to share a fashion coffee kiosk with you, hope it can inspire you.

How to open a coffee kiosk in the mall?

I have received many inquiries about how to start a business, and most people do not know what preparations needed before opening. The preparation work before opening a store is very important, let us have a brief understanding together.

Firstly, sign a contract with the manager and get a location

Since it’s your first business, we recommend renting a small size, like 3m by 2m or 4m or 3m. It allows 1-3 people to work at the same time, which can help you save money.

Secondly, know the mall rules about coffee kiosk

Usually, shopping malls have their own rules, including the color, material, shape, and logo of the display cabinet. What we need to do is to comply with the regulations and get permission from the health department.

Thirdly, decide decoration style and customize the coffee counter design

The decoration style is very important for the new store. Because it is a representative of the brand, it is also used to distinguish it from other stores. A unique kiosk decoration can impress people, which will bring you more customers. It’s better to find a professional designer to draw a kiosk design.

Fourthly, confirm the 3D design and get the mall approval

3D design based on both your needs and mall rules. When you need any changes, the designer should cooperate and modify them better. It shows all the details directly, so you can submit them to the manager.

Finally, make a construction drawing and build the coffee counter

Construction drawing is part of 3D design, showing all the kiosk details. The production follows it to make sure you receive the correct kiosks. Photos and videos of the production progress will be updated to you almost every day.

coffee booth

Description of a coffee booth

As we can see in the generous coffee booth. It includes two parts, a seating area, and a working area. We can see the U shape working counter with tempered glass for security. White color with black line decoration high levels the kiosk. Nest to it is machines area, under counter is a big fridge machine and locked cabinets.

The checkout counter on the front side has a black cup shape decoration. This cabinet has a long “tail”. You can set up a few chairs to accommodate more customers. Another site also has a long white L shape counter, which it uses as seating tables. Black walls can make customers quiet and want to use coffee to avoid pedestrian interference.

coffee counter

More information

  • Product name: Generous coffee kiosk in the mall
  • Main material: MDF or plywood
  • Surface material: High glossy baking painting, solid wood or laminate
  • LOGO material:3D luminous logo, acrylic logo
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, stainless steel, lightbox, etc.
  • Color: White and black or another color you need
  • Size: Customized size according to the location
  • Color: white, black, or customized.
  • Usage: Make coffee and sell coffee
  • Design time: 3-5 business days
  • Production time: 25 working day

Design details:

We should first discuss coffee kiosk decoration to know all your ideas and find more good solutions. The designer will reflect your ideas more reasonably on the design drawings. And put the machine you need in the right place and ensure easy use. New ideas also allowed to show in the design drawing. Thank you for reading.

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