Wood Hat Store Furniture Modern Stainless Steel Hat Display Shelf

hat dispplay shelf

Are you looking for the hat store furniture? With the fast development of aesthetics, many people plan to open a hat shop to start a business. A hat store includes wall cabinets, reception counter, display shelf, etc. We can also customize the hat store and make it matches the hat store theme.

Hat store furniture design

As we can see in the hat store design, it has hat display shelves on four sizes to display the hat kiosk. They all use to showcase all kinds of hats, customers can easily see and wear the hat. Once they like the hat, they will buy their favorites.

hat store furniture

Color information

The main color is solid wood with a black metal frame. Wood color creates a natural and high-end shop theme. The metallic feel lets the hat store looks better and elegant. We can also use other colors to make the kiosk modern and attractive. You can even choose a favorite color from the color code.

More information

This hat display shelf has multiple layers at the top, base is wood laminate surface. We can also add doors here to store items. As we all know in the new design drawing. Lower shelves have an oblique angle, so it is convenient for customers to view and purchase. We can also add a table in the middle area, so that Staff meetings can be held here, clients can also sit down and talk.

hat display shelfMaterial information

Materials includes plywood, laminate, metal frame and lighting. Acrylic logo and light box painting are very important for a hat brand. Please don’t ingore it.

Produce details

We use E1 grade materials to make the hat display shelf body. Workers focus on the details and produce process. So that you can receive a good quality hat store furniture. And it matches your size well and make full use of space to show and store hats.

hat store

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