Fashion clothing shop design gold stainless steel clothes rack

Today we want to share a fashion and high-end women’s clothing shop with you. The whole clothing shop the designer use gold stainless steel to match the warm white led strip light. Let us take a close look at this fashion clothing store design.



Storefront design

The storefront has a gold stainless steel lighted logo on the top. And the entrance door is an arched door. Next to it is a glass window display. Both are made of tempered glass with gold stainless steel frame. On the glass window display area you can display the best hot sale clothing. In order to increase customers’ desire to walk into your clothing store.

Clothing store interior layout

The overall layout of this women’s clothing shop we can divide into three parts. They are the display area, fitting area, rest area and cashier area. For the floor plan of this clothing store, the fitting rooms are located at the end of the space and reception. The waiting and dress display spaces are arranged at the entrance.

On one side of the wall is the wall display cabinet with the clothing rack. Gold stainless steel curve edge and inside with warm white led strip light inset the wall. And other clothing display rack all gold stainless steel material, look very high-end. The reception area is an L shape counter, the size of the cashier counter we will design it according to your shop size.


First of all, please send us the floor plan of your clothing store. We will charge a design deposit according to your shop size, usually 500-1000$. Our design team will make a customize clothing shop design for you. We can design with your shop size, your favorite style and then send it to you for check. If not satisfied with the design, we can make the changes for free.

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