For a clothing store, it is necessary to have a t-shirt display, which makes the space more reasonable. You are allowed to make full use of the space to hold the T-shirt and store them in the display cabinet. In this post, I would like to introduce some wooden T-shirt displays for your reference.

Material: Wood, MDF


Surface finish: Melamine laminated

Usage: Retail Store for T shirt display

Color: wooden

Detail information

As we can see from the picture, there are some small boxes, you can put some different style T- shirts in different boxes, which are more convenient. Moreover, there are some posters on the wall and you can add your favorable poster to that, like the picture showing. They will increase enjoyment instead of being dull. Compared to the traditional display, on their bottle, they install a wheel and it is easy to remove the displays. More importantly, they can rotate 360 degrees. Customers comfortably choose and pick up the T-shirt.

If you want to start a clothing store business, you are supposed to buy this style display in your store. We are furniture factories and can customize the size for you, such as the 60*60*160cm, 80 *80*160cm and so on.

The main body of this display is finished with wood and MDF. The surface of MDF is flat, and the whole effect will look more high-end, which is the most common furniture material and deeply loved by people.


If you want to order,please let me know the answers as follows:

  1. What size do you need? What color do you prefer?
  2. Do you have a floor plan for your shop/store? Could you send it to me?
  3. When do you need it shipped to you? Which city or port?
  4. What payment do you prefer? Paypal? Western Union?
  5. Do you have some machines or equipment used on the kiosk?
  6. Do you have any other requirements?Material

How to get a new design

When we know your basic requirements and favorite style, we can start to make 3D designs. The 3D design includes all the details. Such as furniture size and quantity, logo and lighting.ect. Before designing, we need to charge a design deposit of 300 US dollars. We will deduct it from the order price, only you need to pay in advance. The design is not one-time work. You need to confirm the details and help you make modifications during the period. Which takes time and effort to complete together. So the deposit should be paid.

We will send the design for you to check within a week. You can add new ideas according to your ideas. To ensure that our design can meet your requirements. After you check the final design, we will make construction drawings so you can check everything is ok. You can pay a 50% deposit and we arrange production.

Payment term

We accept the TT, western union, Paypal, choose your convenient ways for payment.

Packing and shipment

You needn’t worry about damage to the goods due to a long distance. We will use the foam inside and wooden box outside to avoid the damage. And for shipping, we usually ship by sea, which is the most economical way. If you are urgent, please tell us. We can ship by air to your nearest airport from you.

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