Wood Grain Glass Showcase Design Perfume Kiosk

perfume counterPerfumes are popular among poeple because they can exude a charming fragrance and can also cover unpleasant smells. This perfume kiosk has a glass display showcase, can place multiple perfumes for sale.

Woodgrain perfume kiosk design

This perfume kiosk size is 3m by 3m. It includes a glass display showcase, cashier counter, brand logo sign, and storage drawers. We mainly use brown wood to build the kiosk body with a gold metal frame. It highlights your perfume shop and increases the added value of the perfumes.

perfume kiosk

perfume kioskGlass display showcase

There are multiple glass display showcases to place perfumes. Each glass showcase has a light lamp at the top and side. We removed each layer of light strips to preserve the quality of the perfume to the greatest extent. The glass counter has a sliding door to pick up items.

Storage cabinets

Under the countertop has sliding drawers, we can restore more perfumes for sale. There is a cashier counter set at the entrance of the perfume kiosk. Clients pay cash here.

perfume showcase

There is a storage counter in the middle area. You can also use it as a store counter and can also put perfume displays to increase the showcase area. The corners have a high-level square glass counter. That uses as a window showcase.

Brand logo panel

The brand logo wall is set at one ends, your brand logo attaches here to remind people. It is good to make them remember you better. Under the brand logo is a TV player, you can use it to place video advertising, menu, the introduction of perfumes, etc. Clients can learn more about your products.

If you have any new ideas about perfume kiosk decoration, please kindly contact us here.

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